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Red Eye Gallery

Located on the fourth floor of the Design Center, the Red Eye Gallery is the main exhibition space for the department. At the beginning of every academic year, incoming graduate students are invited to show their work in the gallery. After this initial show, the gallery hosts a variety of departmental group shows and outside artists—the department encourages photo majors to come up with themes and curate the group shows during the Fall. Every Spring the Red Eye Gallery hosts the Photography senior thesis shows. For these seniors, it is an excellent opportunity to refine and present a coherent body of finished work. During this process, seniors pick a partner for their two-person show and the gallery is divided in half. Each senior then modifies their half of the gallery to best showcase their degree project. Final senior critiques are held every week in the Spring, from March until June. Seniors also show their degree project work in a Senior Degree Project Group Exhibition in RISD's Woods-Gerry Gallery.

Woods-Gerry Gallery

Woods-Gerry Gallery is one of the primary exhibition spaces for RISDundergraduates. Located in RISD's Woods-Gerry Mansion, the gallery's four large exhibition spaces provide an excellent opportunity to showcase RISD student work. In the fall, Woods-Gerry hosts departmental triennials, including the Photography Triennial. During the spring, seniors show their degree project work, usually in conjunction with another department.


Sol Koffler Graduate Gallery

Sol Koffler Gallery is the primary exhibition space for RISD's graduate students. Located in the Mason Building at 169 Weybosset Street, the gallery hosts graduate biennial exhibitions throughout the academic year. In addition to the biennials, graduate students are also invited to submit original curatorial proposals for special gallery shows, which are then juried and chosen for exhibition. During the week before graduation, a group show of selected second-year graduate student work is held every year.


Rhode Island Convention Center

The graduate thesis group show (MFA students from all departments) has migrated from the RISD museum to the Rhode Island Convention Center. The exhibition takes place towards the end of the Spring semester and runs to graduation day. RISD's graduation ceremony also takes place at the Convention Center, giving graduates and their parents the opportunity to see work from all of RISD's outstanding MFA programs.